1. Jesus rose from the dead in how many days?
  2. Who is God?
  3. When will Jesus come again?
  4. On what day do we commemorate Jesus crucifixion?
  5. What do we do at the entrance procession in Mass?
  6. What gives you life? It lives forever.
  7. Name the 2 parts of the bible
  8. What was the name of the apostle who betrayed Jesus?
  9. What was opened for us by Jesus death and resurection?
  10. What happened at Pentecost?
  11. Who is the Queen of Heaven?
  12. Where do our readings at Mass come from?
  13. what do we call the pure spirits who serve God?
  14. What is a sacrifice?
  15. Who told Eve to eat the forbidden fruit?
  16. Who did Jesus make the leader of His Church on earth?
  17. Who loves us more than anyone in the world?
  18. Who was the first pope?
  19. What is the correct response when the priest says…the Lord be with you?
  20. What Sacrament washes away original sin?
  21. In Baptism we become God’s ________?
  22. What do we call the Holy people in Heaven?
  23. Who killed Cain?
  24. Who is the Holy Spirit?
  25. Who killed Goliath?
  26. What is the fourth commandment?
  27. What was Noah asked to do?
  28. What is the job of the Pope?
  29. Who always wants the best for us?
  30. What is the first Commandment?
  31. What is a sin?
  32. What are the two types of sin?
  33. What does God want us to call him?
  34. Whom did God send to Mary to ask her to be Jesus’ mother?
  35. Where was Jesus born?
  36. Who died for our sins?
  37.  How long do we get to live with God in Heaven?
  38. Who were Jesus’ first visitors?
  39. What 3 gifts did the wise men bring to Jesus?
  40. Who was Jesus step-father?
  41. When we talk to God what do we call it?
  42. Who was the king who wanted to kill Jesus?
  43. Who baptized Jesus?
  44. Where did Adam and Eve live before they sinned?
  45. After Jesus was baptized how many days did he stay in the desert?
  46. How many disciples (apostles) did Jesus choose?
  47. When Moses went up to Mount Sinai, what did God give him?
  48. The twelve men chosen by Jesus to share His message were called what?
  49. Name 3 miracles Jesus performed?
  50. Who told the shepherds that the Messiah had been born?
  51. Will God always forgive us?
  52. In what Sacrament do we tell the priest our sins and are forgiven?
  53. What did Jesus do with loaves and fish?
  54. When did Jesus give us the Sacrament of the Eucharist(his body and blood?
  55. How did Jesus die?



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